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Walnut: Track & Split Expenses


One App for all Indian Banks and Cards! Auto-track bank, ATM, debit / credit cards & bills securely. Split expenses with friendsNo bank passwords required. Walnut analyses your SMS inbox to surface important information like expenses, bills and tickets.
TOP FEATURES✅ Take CONTROL of your MONEY in realtime - What, How, Where of your spends✅ Intuitive visualisations and smart INSIGHTS on your expenses ✅ Bank and card BALANCES / dues at a glance✅ SPLIT spends with friends - The slickest bill split experience! ✅ No more LATE fees! Walnut will remind you of pending bills✅ SAVE time and money with this smart app that works like magic for over half a million users!✅ 40+ Banks and cards supported (India only)
AND MORE..✅ Walnut keeps track of your monthly ATM withdrawals so you dont pay overuse fees✅ Keep track of train, taxi, movie bookings and more✅ Make your own custom categories to track expenses and quickly add cash spent too✅ Add notes, tags and bill/receipt photos to transactions✅ Easily search for expenses, tags or notes✅ Lookup information on places you visit and share with friends and social networks✅ Walnut does not read your personal SMSs or upload any sensitive data, see for more details✅ Report your bank, card or any interesting messages right from within the app! We will quickly add support for these